MeatHeads BBQ

You'll Love Our Meat !!!

The story of The MeatHeads began many moons ago in the Cajun kitchens of Louisiana, and on the Delta BBQ trail deep in the heart of Mississippi--waking to the tantalizing smell of fried meatballs on a Sunday morning, and the slo-roasting per-nil savored Ti ti's house at lunchtime while everyone else suffered through PB&J's.  These are the places and experiences that helped make the Meatheads who they are—two guys who share the same belief, that good food (really good food) and good friends—brings joy to all.

And that is our mission: to spread that joy  of good food and friends to you.

Our food is prepared slowly, using only the finest ingredients with you in mind. We expect that every bite of our food will not only taste delicious, but also bring you to a higher level of gastronomical delight.  We fill our menu with all the fun, and comforting dishes from a variety of cuisines—American BBQ and burgers, Cajun, Italian, and Spanish—so no matter what you yen for we will bring you it to you—fresh, hot and delicious.

We hope that you will enjoy our food as much as we love making it, and remember that MeatHeads is best enjoyed with good music, good friends and family.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and bring some joy and happiness to your day.


Mike and Jeff

The Pit Crew